Tie Plant


The NP Tie Plant was built in 1911 as the tie preservation facility for the line. It was one of the first main enterprises in west Brainerd. Built on the north side of the tracks, it had several sidings, and supported a mile of finished and stacked ties. One postcard reads Cedar Tie Plant, but I don't know if all the ties they produced were cedar, or some oak or other wood. As of 2010 it is all but gone other than a shallow area between the McDonalds area and West Laurel St. (formerly Florence St.), and LOTS of test wells. The site was condemned for use for 50 years back in the 1980's. Since its closing in 1986, there have been many law suits regarding the creosote danger on the employee's health.

Strangely, for such a major business concern, there is little history of it to be found! As I find more I will place it below. The Brainerd History Group is working towards erecting a marker at the site, likely on the Paul Bunyan trail south extension, just behind McDonalds. This will make it viewable to walkers and snowmobilers, as well as motorists. Brainerd might want to have a birthday party for the site in 2011Öthe big one hundred!

100 years ago (1909), Mar. 31:

The construction gang, which is working for the contractors who will erect the tower and tank for the fire protection system at the tie treating plant, is in the city. It is expected the tank will be completed in a few weeks.

The Burlington Northern tie-treating plant, a fixture in the Brainerd area since the early 1900s [1907], will be closed by the end of 1986. The closure will result in the layoff of 14 of the plantís current 24 workers. (This Was Brainerd, Brainerd Daily Dispatch, Thursday, 19 January 2006),


5533. Brainerd, Minn.: spur for storing steam shovels, 1910.

5540. Brainerd, Minn.: track scales for weighing repaired cars, 1910-1912.

5545. Brainerd, Minn.: Toltz Engineering Company spur, 1910-1911.

BOX 3 5579. Brainerd, Minn.: tie treating plant, 1911.

5596. Brainerd, Minn.: Malum Lumber Company spur removal, 1911-1912.

5631. Brainerd, Minn.: elimination of double slip switch, 1912.

[5656. Gull River, Minn.: Bridge 126, 1912.]

5596. Brainerd, Minn.: Malum Lumber Company spur removal, 1911-1912.

5703. Brainerd, Minn.: gasoline storage tank, 10,000 gal., 1913.

BOX 4 5730. Brainerd, Minn.: remodeling track scales, 1912-1914.

5783. Brainerd, Minn.: boiler house extension; installation of feed water heater, 1914.

5801. Brainerd, Minn.: extending Howe Mill spur to serve S. G. Palmer Fruit Company, 1914.

5804. Brainerd, Minn.: removal of main line switch and crossing, 1914.

5820. Brainerd, Minn.: changes at old foundry building, 1914-1915.

5848. Brainerd, Minn.: rebuilding core sand shed, 1915-1916.

5870. Brainerd, Minn.: box car body shelter for tie handlers, 1915-1917