Here I will list any information I have on families that have been a part of Brainerd's history.


-BLANCK, Howard" TBA

-CIBUZAR, Paul ?: Soft drink beverage business on South 7th St.

-DREXLER, Fred: Owned a blacksmith shop at the present (2003) site of the US Bank on South 6th St..

-EARLY, Joseph P. (info. as provided for Gretchen Gerber Galarneault):

---1888 Brainerd City Directory: Early, J P, mach N P shops, res 61 E Main (mach is machinist, Main is present/2008 Washington St.) Also a Miss Lizzie, and a Peter (61 is somewhere between the present/2008 MN license bureau and Hardees Restaurant)

---1903 Brainerd City Directory: Early, Joseph P, trav sales Cleary, Mc G & H, res 416 N 9th st. (Kathleen). Also a Miss Clara M, and Peter.

---1949 Brainerd City Directory: Early, Joseph P., 303 1/2 S 8th St Apt 1 (Katheline), [phone] 4368 [note spelling]

---1953: died

-FAUST, Willard A. & Mary E.: These are my parents, now/2008 deceased. Please click on the link at the left for some history of them and where they came from.

-HOULE, Eugene H.: operated a garage from 1929 until 1937 and a hardware
store from 1938 until 1951. Abraham Houle operated a general store from
1934 until 1940 and again from 1947 until 1948. Ina Jo Houle operated
the general store from 1941 until 1942 in Brainerd

-KING, Roswell, K.: operated a sporting goods business from 1912 until 1946. Richard D. King sold sporting goods from 1934 until 1936. Ellis R. King sold sporting goods from 1941 until at least 1958 in Brainerd. As a kid I remember King's Sporting Goods on the NW corner of south 6th St. and Laurel St.

-KOOP: 1888 BCD (info. as provided for Gretchen Gerber Galarneault):

-KOOP Bros., wholesale & retail grocers 10 W Front. (St.)

-KOOP J H, P M (assume Post Master), 6 W Front, res 80 W Front

-KOOP J W, Koop Bros 10 W Front, res same.

-Koop John, clk Koop Bros, res 128 S 4th.

-Koop S (Severin), Koop Bros 10 W Front, bds same

-Koop Theodore, lab woods, bds Eau Claire House (Eau Claire Hotel, J W Murphy prop, 30 W Laurel)

-LIVELY: Lively Auto Co., automobile sales, later bought out by the Mill's family. ?

-McINTYRE, Thomas H.: operated a beverage business from 1926 until 1936 and a liquor business from 1937 until 1942. Mrs. Thomas McIntyre operated a tavern and liquor business from 1944 until 1947 in Brainerd. I believe this was run in the Ransford Building, owned by Ransford R. Wise. In my early 20's I frequented this bar, that is the basement bar being called The Dungeon.

-MILLS: Automobile sales. ?

-WHITE, Lyman P.: Considered to be "The Father Of Brainerd".

-WISE, Ransford R. ?

-ZAPFFE, Carl. (Sr.?) ?

-ZAPFFE, Carl A (Jr.?) ?