Perhaps someone at the Dispatch would like to tackle a short history on their company's history, and I can work on the other early enterprises. I started working on a timeline for the vast amount of different publications, but there were so many mergers, buyouts and name changes that I decided on just a listing of newspaper NAMES along with what information I could find. The capitalized words I believe are its official name on record, as evidenced by the italicized same in my reference book by Carl Zapffe [B75, 1946]. Volunteers?

If there's something already in print, just e-mail it over to me for insertion here.


I am in need of a good list of publications made by the BDD pertaining to Brainerd's history.

-1971: Brainerd, Minnesota, 1871-1971, reproduced by Bang Printing from the Centennial Edition of the BDD.
-1994: Out Of The Woods, A Pictorial History of the Brainerd Lakes Area.

The Brainerd DAILY NEWS, May 6, 1882: Formerly THE DAILY NEWS, a half-interest bought by J.W. Riggs, the council designated it the official paper.

The Brainerd DISPATCH:

The Brainerd TRIBUNE: Up until 1882 the official newspaper; weekly.

THE DAILY NEWS, 1881: H.C. Stivers and Pierson, housed in the Hatley Block. Shortley thereafter owned by just Stivers and moved to the Sleeper Block.

The Evening JOURNAL: Semi-weekly.