Memorial Tree Program

Brainerd Parks & Rec (see their wonderful site under Links to the left) has a great tree-planting and memorial program that at the same time honors a loved one, living or deceased! Our family planted 2 trees in our parents' names, and also had a labeled bench placed in Gregory Park for them. Their names will appear on a permanent plaque installed on the bandstand, etched in a "brick". What a beautiful way to replace the aging and diseased trees, provide a place to sit down and enjoy them, and honor someone at the sdame time. My wife's Mom wanted to see her tree planted an growing BEFORE she was planted as she sayus, so she bought hers last year/2007 and she loves to see its progress! Benches can be placed in any of the parks throughout the city!

A Memorial Tree is a tree that you purchase to plant in honor of someone or something. Planting a tree is a great way to commemorate the death of a loved one, an anniversary, or retirement.

Memorial Tree: Cost Gregory Park (Brick) $25

Lum Park (Plate) $10

Kiwanis Park (Plate) $10

Jaycees Park (Plate) $10

Memorial Trees and Benches

Call 218-828-2320 Memorial Tree Form Memorial

Bench: Cost Standard Bench $700

The following names will be on the next Memorial Tree plaque. 89 bricks (trees) are needed. Call or stop by Brainerd Parks and Recreation to make arrangements for YOUR Memorial Tree!!

Rick, Erica & Mike Ruen, Diane Beal, Tom Louden, Duane Draves, Betty Tugwell-Doepke, Dorothy Dahl, Marge Lamb, Wesley Peterson, Jeffrey LaMothe, John E. Maloney (3), Gerald D. Raines, Willard & Mary Faust, H & M Rowland, Chester F. Roohr, Harley A. Collett, Robert T. Sandelands, Rosemary Sethi, Lorraine Clarine, Jackie Saddler, David Warnberg, Sid & Thelma Rosenberg, Clarence Aho, Alan Wallace, Mike Swenson, Ann LaMothe, Robert MacArthur, Nanette Schwendeman, Janine Joy Kelling, Helen K. Roohr, Mary E. Faust, Lynn Hart, Chuck Warnberg, Bob Danzl, Sheena Johnson.