PHOTO: One of the few photos I've found of the main fire hall at 5th. & Front Sts., about where the Johnson's Cigar Co., formerly Meadow Gold Creameries building is now. It directly faced the courthouse 2 blocks to the south. An electric arc light is suspended on wires out in the street. A lean-to was added for more storage apparently. Cropped from the photo at the top is a tall flag pole on the hall, and a covered bell on the tower. In the background to the right of the building can be seen a RR box car on the siding track. I believe Brainerd had several sub-stations, and the NP had their own fire department.

Perhaps someone from the fire department would like to tackle the job of some history on this, or some aspect of it such as the location of the many fire halls over time (Wally?).

I have found very few good quality photos of fire halls or engines. Does anyone have a postcard or old photo?

Major Fires

Major fires, in chronological order:

-1898/1/2: Sleeper Opera House
-1904/1/1: Arlington Hotel
Well, that's a start!

When this list is completed you'll soon see why Brainerd had an imminent need for a water tower! Virtually every major wood-frame structure succumbed to fire. This also prompted the addition of buildings made of brick and mortar.

(Fire Halls): Brainerd had may fire halls over the years, sometimes several at the same time, and I believe the NP operated their own also. More to follow...