Since the hope of this webmaster is for this site to be used as both a fun touring tool of old Brainerd, as well as a handy reference guide, I need to know if your browsing experience was quick and smooth, and easy to navigate.
When doing all this writing, and viewing it as the writer, not the reader, it's easy to get bogged down in details and ignore the obvious! If you find parts of the site confusing, duplicative, or otherwise mind-boggling, please LMK where the "traffic jam" was, and pehaps give me some suggestions as to how to unsnarl it.

As I put the reams of information to page, I find I am constantly re-grouping, re-catagorizing, or having to create yet more sub-pages. My intention is to make it easier to find a topic here, than it is to find something in the phone book's Yellow Pages!

Just e-mail me at

Webmaster/Brainerd Amateur Historians

mentioning the website you are referring to. Thanks for your help!