This has been a dream of mine for some time. So much of our history is lost to the wrecking ball, or "progress", or stolen, or just rots away. Some items have been recovered and beautifully displayed at the CWCHS Museum. My dream is to assemble some of the OUTDOOR ARTIFACTS that made our city so beautiful to stroll in around the turn of the century. I envision a short "Walk Of Early Brainerd" of perhaps just a few dozen feet or yards, like a scale model version, but with real artifacts to actually walk on, sit on, touch and feel...and to experience. This should be in a public location perhaps near or adjacent to the courthouse and Museum, where security wouldn't be as much of a problem as for instance in a park. This walk could include cobblestone bricks from the old depot, street grates, vintage street lights, park benches, rail lines, and brickwork. Some of these items I have described in IN SEARCH OF. These items could be neatly labeled with a brief history and timeline. My wife would also appreciate its departure from my...our back yard! Well, dream on!