Below find listed the MAIN sources for the material contained on this site. I used the term Acknowledgements instead of Bibliography because it's a nice descriptive word, containing "knowledge", which I gain from many more sources than that which is written or published, they being included also, of course. Bracketed [...] is how you will find some facts labeled on the site, indicating the source material.

-ATLAS: 1913 Ogle Standard Atlas of Crow Wing County including maps, acquired 2008 fronm the CWCHS [1913 atlas]

-BRAINERD "75", Carl Zapffe, 1946. On the Home page I rerferred to "the book has already been written". This is that book. It is the source for 90% of the material contained herin. To Carl Zapffe I an forever indebted! [B75, 1946]

-BRAINERD, MINNESOTA, 1871-1971, Brainerd Daily Dispatch (reproduced from their Centennial Editions), 1971 [BM, 1971]

-BRAINERD CITY DIRECTORY, 1888: acquired 2008 [BCD, 1888]

-BRAINERD CITY DIRECTORY, 1903: photocopy only, bound [BCD, 1903]

-BRAINERD DAILY DISPATCH: I cannot thank you enough for providing this free website, which had finally provided me a "landing spot" for all of this information. Special thanks to Denton Neuman for the countless times I had to bother him when I was in a quandary on how to work this thing! I appologize too for the next several times that I will pester him! [BDD]

-BRAINERD'S HALF CENTURY, Ingoff Dillan [BHC, 1923]

-BRANONIAN, 1923 [BN, 1923]

-BRAINONIAN, 1930 [BN, 1930]

-CROW WING COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Many thanks to Mary Lou Moudry and now/2008 Marilyn Anderson and their fine staff for putting up with me taking up their time, and all of the research and photocopy work! They can be reached at 218-829-3268, or click here for E-mail: CWCHS [CWCHS]

-IT HAPPENED HERE, Carl Zapffe, 1948 [IIH, 1948]

-MAPS: See separate section on the many maps used to gather special information. [Map, ____(date)]

-OUT OF THE WOODS, The Brainerd Daily Dispatch, 1994 [OOTW, 1994]

-PLAT BOOK, 1969, Crow Wing County [PB, 1969]

-ROOHR, CHET: My father-in-law, who moved to Brainerd in the eary 40's, ran many businesses and is a wealth of information, with a better memory than magnetic tape.

NEEDS: If you take a look at the dates you'll see I have a huge void on materials between 1913 and 1949. I dearly need at least a photocopy of a BCD or atlas from the 20' and 30's. Or 1914?