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Alexander Scourby

If you have missed this absolutely amazing documentary on our web cast you can watch The Story of the King James Bible here.

   We have produced an incredible TV documentary about The Story of the King James Bible and how we got our first Bible in English. It was shot on location in England and tells the story about William Tyndale and his courageous efforts to translate the Bible into English. William Tyndale was the first to both translate and print an English Bible. At the time it was a crime to even speak or write the Bible in English and thousands were burned at the stake for violating this barberic law. This is a video everyone should see and you can watch it for FREE right on our web site. This will give you a new appreciation of the Bible.

During his life time Alexander Scourby, recorded over 500 books for the blind. He was the first to record the King James Bible in 1953 on long play records and years later his narration is still considered the best in the world. Now, you can listen to Alexander Scourby read to you, reasonably priced in MP3 format. Convenient for CD and MP3 download for the computer, MP3 player, Ipod and IPHONE.

Scourby Daily Bible reading coming soon! You can have a daily reading emailed to you each day and it's divided up in such a way that in one year you will have heard the entire Bible. Visit

Alexander Scourby