Who Is Jesus?

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God Loves You

Who Is Jesus?

    Jesus gently molds my life, as He molded Adam from clay.
    I can't wait to see Him, because He's coming back someday.

    Jesus is my Lord, my Friend, my Comforter, my King.
    My Jesus is always with me through every thing.

    Sometimes I've turned my back on Him,
    But when I've turned around
    I see He's never left me, with Jesus I'm always found.

    Jesus is someone who I asked into my life
    when I was just a child
    I heard He was born in a manger, lowly meek and mild.
    But as I grew older, He fought for me
    in the realms of darkness and despair.
    He's saved me over and over again from Satans lying lair.

    Jesus is my best friend for no matter where I go
    Jesus is always with me, this one thing I know.
    I'd like to introduce you to my best friend
    He'll ease your burdens on lonely days when you invite Him in.

    He'll lead you down another path
    teach you to sing, how to laugh.
    He'll put a smile upon your face
    wash away the traces of tears
    you have cried over the years.

    He'll walk with you each and everyday
    listen to you when you pray.
    I tell you very simply Jesus is in my heart
    when I get confused, He tells me where to start.

    Have you ever had a friend who took the rap for you?
    Who stood and took the blame, covering up your shame?
    Every stripe upon His back was placed there just for me
    The thorns placed on His head,
    the nails that pierced his skin, on that cross at Calvary.
    As He hung there naked for all the world to see.
    He bore my sin, my shame so that with Him I would forever be.

    All my life I've dreamed up places with perfect harmony
    Well, now I've finally figured it out---
    He's already dreamed it for me.
    Every hope I have ever had He's made it to come true.
    This is what my Jesus has, now He offers it to you.
    He simplifies this earthly life like no one I have met
    I ask you today have you found a friend,
    as true as my Jesus yet?

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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