Whiter Than Snow

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Whiter Than Snow

    'Twas on a winters afternoon dark and dreary
    while bringin' in an arm a wood, tired and weary
    When or'e my head a bird flew in and li'ted on
            a rafter cross from me.
    He pruned his wing and cocked his head, to see
    I was still standin' there tryin' not to stare,
    at the prettiest sight I'd ever seen,
            a beautiful bird snow white and clean.

    'twas really hard for me to comprehend why for
    sure he flew in, and so I asked with tears
    in my eyes, If he'd been to Texas or visited
    there and then he looked at me with a
            knowing flair.

    'twas a long ago look I'd seen once before
    as I hugged him good-bye 'for I walked
    out the door, His tall broad frame tho'
    then stooped with age, could never be
            bent or trapped in no cage.

    'twas then a feeling went thro' the garage
    of another such evening in my memory took lodge
    and I cried anew for sometime long past
    of games that we played and feelings I knew
            even then that would last.

    'twas a bond that I felt with this bird of snow
    white that I'd had with my Great Granddad
    on that night. And I truly did wonder and
    always will in the still of a dreary winters
            eve of what bid him come,
                    and what caused his leave.

    (To Great Granddad)

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God Loves You