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God Loves You


    As I walk You hold my hand
    wherever I walk throughout Your land.
    Teach me oh Lord your ways
    guide me through each and every day.
    Show me how to make a stand
    as you hold me in Your hand.

    I will sing praises to Your Name
    life without You would not be the same
    I hear the birds singing though out the trees
    I hear Your voice whisper across the breeze
    Thank You for each year providing us with game.
    Blessed is your Name above every name.

    Thank You for Your peace You show
    Thank You for helping me to grow.
    It is a wondrous world You have made
    Thank You for my sin debt You paid
    Ah my Lord Jesus I love You so
    You are the Savior, I'll let the world know.

    You place my needs on a silver platter
    You are the calm amongst the clatter.
    Your voice so often I plainly hear,
    thank You for finding me useful and dear.
    All of my earthy possessions do not matter
    as I gaze upon your platter.

    You have provided there wisdom and grace
    taken away sorrow and the pain your replace
    with joy in my heart like an unending song
    oh for Your face I often long.
    Oh to be with You in Your wonderfully large place
    to fully know Your love and Your grace.

    Life is a symphony when I walk with You
    Thank You for never letting me out of Your view.
    Each day I experience life anew
    Thank you for making me all brand new.

    Now I hear Your voice within the sky,
    Be still and know that I AM GOD.
    So I end this love song
    to bask in Your love light the morning long.

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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