'Twas The Night Before Jesus Came

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'Twas The Night Before Jesus Came

    'Twas the night before Jesus came
    and all through the land,
    people were shouting,
    "For Peace & Saftey, we stand."
    The new agers were awaiting
    the meeting of minds
    Satan was cohorting with his sort and kinds.

    Up in heaven a war took place,
    Satan was thrown to the earth below,
    to cause terror and ruin
    for seven years you know.
    All the people on earth
    didn't know he had come.
    For 2000 years, they had played
    blind, deaf and dumb.

    When up in the heavenlys
    a trumpet did sound
    and millions on earth were no longer found.
    but were now with their Shepherd
    their Lord and King.
    They all shouted at once and began to sing.

    New heavenly bodies they all gained that day,
    For Jesus had once said, "I Am the Way."
    They no longer felt the cold
    or the heat of the sun,
    for now with their Jesus
    they were finally one.

    He smiled at them all and said enter my rest
    and at the Wedding Supper
    please be my guest.
    Where the tables where all
    heavenly stocked with food
    a seven-year honeymoon was then issued.

    Back on earth the
    tribulation was taking place
    with pestilence famine and war
    across the earth's face.
    The disasters were numerous
    the deaths too numerous to be told
    but now the story begins to unfold.

    Satan, the beast and the false profit ruled
    many of the people
    they conquered and fooled.
    they presented a mark
    on the forehead or hand
    and laughed as they watched
    all the people they damned.

    Then such a war began to take place
    to wipe out the rest of the human race.
    But then Jesus returned
    with His saints all in tow,
    returned to the earth, to save it you know.

    They all saw Him and many wept for joy
    But many still scoffed and said outa here boy.
    He gathered the Jews under His wing at last
    the days of wandering and ridicule now past.

    To those who had called on His Name
    He rewarded, for He loved them all the same.
    To those who scoffed He tossed them without
    All this will happen, it will all come about.

    What is this Name to call on
    you want to know?
    His Name is Jesus, He loves us all so
    every human creature upon this earth
    this is why He came, was given birth.

    To a virgin long ago, upon a blessed night.
    He will return with glory and might.
    He will rule that day with an iron rod,
    Our Lord the Son of our Almighty God.

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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