The Greatest Gift Is Love

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God Loves You

The Greatest Gift Is Love

    Love suffers long through hard times,
    believing in good times ahead.
    Love is showing kindness,
    always thoughtful of one another.
    Love does not envy,
    but finds pride in one another.

    Love does not parade itself,
    is not puffed up,
    but believes in ones self
    and in each other.
    Love does not behave rudely,
    but carries about only respect.
    Love does not seek it's own,
    but seeks only the best for both.

    Love is not provoked,
    Let your speech always be with grace,
    seasoned with salt,
    that you may know
    how to answer one another.

    Love thinks no evil,
    but only believes in the best life has to offer.
    Love does not rejoice in iniquity,
    but rejoices in truth.
    Love bears all things,
    believes all things,
    hopes all things,
    endures all things.
    Love never fails.

    Where there is love
    there is a solid foundation
    on which a marriage
    can grow and flourish.
    Where there is love of God
    in the hearts which are
    joined together,
    there are no boundaries set in life.

    When two are bound of one mind
    here on earth there are no dreams
    that cannot be touched.
    In this I believe,
    as I believe in you.
    May you follow all your dreams,
    and may they all come true.

    1Corinthians 13

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God Loves You

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