If the Dawn

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God Loves You

If the Dawn

    If the dawn should touch your face
      and find a trace of sorrow there
    From passing the night away
      waiting for the break of day

    If the dawn should touch your face
      and find a tear upon your cheek
    you feel so tired so worn and weak
      searching for the love you seek

    If the dawn should shine in your eyes
      dark silence so painfully cries
    The memory of the night gone by
      do not stop and wonder why

    If the dawn should pass away
      and turn from night into day
    The shadows no longer play

    upon the wall   The new day awaits you
    quietly hear its call

    Listen and you shall hear the
      lessening of your trembling fears
    the drying of your salty tears

    The sun appears over a mountaintop
      you drop your fears for it's begun
       the beginning of a new day is come

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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