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God Loves You

Home With Him

    Go Home with Him, when you go
    Oh my precious child don't you know
    The almighty God loves you so.

    We are special in His eyes
    He made each one of us for Him
    He created the universe oh so big
    To give us room to search for Him.

    And just imagine beyond all that
    Abides our Lord and King
    It just makes my heart want to sing
    Of all the wonders to my eyes He brings

    If you accept my Lord today
    Take the time to kneel to pray,
    He will hear your every word
    Open your heart; tell Him how you have
    Missed seeing Him before
    Open the door and He will come in

    Never know lonely ever again,
    Never be guilty for your sin
    Because for you He died that day
    So long ago and far away
    Ask Him to inter in today

    Oh so that when you go, you go with Him
    Oh my precious child then you will know
    Just how much our God loves you so.

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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