Electrifying Excitement

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God Loves You

Electrifying Excitement

    Electrifying excitement fills my soul
    singing out it makes me whole.

    Golorious life that he has given
    Thank you Lord, I'm glad I'm living!

    Embracing each day, I hold fast
    not afraid if it were my last.

    But praising your name, hoping to find
    Those you send to me, let not one be left behind!

    Help me be strong to do your will
    and all your desires to fulfill.

    Lo I'm held fast beneath your wing
    and I will not fear anything.

    For by your grace, I know I'm saved
    and beneath my feet your path be paved.

    Guiding me each step of the way
    helping me each and every day!

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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