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God Loves You

Catch A Glimpse

    Beyond our dimension of time and space, abides our God in an awesome place. He's not behind a comet, or on mars, you can't seek Him out among the stars. Yet His Spirit sits on the circle of our earth, keeping track of each new birth.

    He rides the clouds like chariots and walks upon the wings of the wind, yet He still has time to be my best friend. He guides me through each day, carries me when I lose my way.

    I can almost see His face, His glory so bright, shining throughout the place. Oh, to be with Him forever more. Want your dreams to all come true? Can't imagine what He has in store for you?

    Can you imagine happy ever after? Never tears, only laughter. Never ever be lonely again. Never having to worry about sin. Imagine your mansion fifteen acres square, all your acquaintances gathered there.

    We won't need a telephone with an added dimension we could be in another place in the blink of an eye. Imagine the distances we could cross just to say, "HI!" Children dancing in a golden square, true love and brotherhood everywhere. Never a worry, woe, or care. It all can be found nowhere but there.

    The garden of God will be totally cool, swimming in a crystal clear pool. Fruit on every single tree, never getting stung by a bee. Climbing mountains to the top, never feeling the cold. Never again aging or growing old.

    Imagine earth all redone, room enough for everyone! The Milky Way our playground, Joyful singing the only sound, music never heard in this realm. I'll carry a parrot on each arm, and walk with a lion by my side. Why would one want to hide from God?

    The plans He has for me are beyond my wildest dreams, surpassing my husbands craziest schemes. We could plant the universe and the blossoms will never fade away. Singing His praises for always. Before we call He will answer. While we are yet speaking He will hear. Never again feeling fear.

    I have but a glimpse of what lies beyond this earthly sphere. But I can hear His voice as He walks upon the wings of the wind. Have you heard Jesus call your name?
    If you answer, your life will never be the same!

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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