Back Yard

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God Loves You

Back Yard

    I live in a house built with hands.
    In it are many things made by man.
    I step out into my back yard on a June morn.
    It is a different world I see,
    A world of green, which lies in front of me.

    Today many search for meaning, strive for peace.
    I hear the call of unknown birds.
    I see the flight of a lone duck.
    I hear they say, that this is only luck.

    The sky with its many shades of blue,
    The sun touching the clouds, different hues.
    Within the trees and brush and grass I see
    The touch that man cannot duplicate.
    Truly this cannot be fate.

    I reach up and touch a hanging leaf,
    We are created by One.
    I look up into the sky,
    I am not alone.
    Stillness surrounds me,
    A breeze kicks up,
    Then slowly fades away.
    They can't fool me,
    God made this day.

    A mother and her little ones
    Feed at the corn I threw out
    Little ducklings that splash about,
    Shake their little tails and wings.
    Over yonder a robin sings.
    How can this not mean anything?

    I live upon the circle of Gods earth.
    He loved me and gave me birth.
    All my life I've walked His woods,
    How is it I never understood?
    The answers are written across the sky,
    Within the trees I understand why.

    We are not born to suffer and die,
    To hurt, feel pain, be angry, or cry.
    We where born to search and find Him,
    Truly then our life can begin.

    I was born of flesh and blood,
    But within me soars His Spirit.
    It is within the highest cloud,
    Lives deep beneath the ocean
    Places I have never been.

    The sun arrives above the trees
    Touches me softly and I see,
    A world so filled with wonders.
    The answers are all here.
    Why search for God when He is so near?

    His Spirit abides in everything.
    His voice in every bird that sings.
    The sound that gurgles in rocks and springs.

    I bask in the early morning sun light.
    It is now eighty-four degrees.
    Shadows lace across the water,
    Clouds reflected from the sky.
    The pond is calm,
    Little ripples around the rushes.
    God has so very many paintbrushes.

    I have entered a brand new day,
    Filled with wonders as He guides my way.
    Because I asked my sins are forgiven.
    I have peace without a doubt,
    I understand what life's about.
    He has conquered death
    By sending His Son to die for me.
    Because of this I have been set free,
    From the darkness and uncertainty,
    Of a bleak unknowing eternity.

    Now rain clouds come up from the south.
    A few raindrops fall on my head
    As with His knowledge I am fed.

    And so now I close in saying,
    I never cease in praying
    For the many souls living here
    To find Jesus, Gods own Son,
    Who was sent for everyone.

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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