A Place in Heaven

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God Loves You

A Place in Heaven

    There is a garden in heaven
    where the children like to play,
    there is no dark there only day.

    They see Jesus always face to face
    There is no evil anyplace.

    The flowers never fade away
    with lions and lambs they dance and run
    ah, it sounds like so much fun!

    In heaven is a place of glass
    where your babies foot steps pass
    around the throne of God.
    A very large place with uncountable
    Angles and seeing God face to face.

    Moses tells them his story
    about Egypt and parting the Red Sea.
    Daniel tells of the lions den,
    and the fire where he's been.

    They do not wonder as they grasp
    the lions mane and walk in the
    midst of the stones of fire
    for no harm can come to them.

    They never fall down because
    the angles bear them in their wings
    Every one listens to the music as the
    Angles sing, for there is no sound like it
    here on earth, true surround all around.

    There is no need to fear
    Jesus loves the little ones and
    holds them near.

    In heaven they dine on angels food,
    sweet as honey and have no worries
    about college money.
    For God teaches them
    all they need to know.
    He watches over them as they grow.

God Loves You

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

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