Our Future Is Past History

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Our Future Is Past History

Oh mighty God our glorious King
told us what the future would bring.
We read in the scripture what is past
so we can understand what will come last.

Behold, the former things are come to pass
and new things do I declare;
before they spring forth I tell you of them.
Hey look, the truth has always been there!

Isaiah knew the earth was round long before Columbus.
Nahum told us all about cars way before Joan put God on a bus.

Amos spoke of the the seven stars of Orion
long before the telescope
Solomon told us to smile in Proverbs
to promote good health and hope

Job explained how air has weight
Ecclesiastics knew wind didn't blow straight

Jeremiah knew the stars exceeded a billion
when the naked eye could only see eleven hundred
Moses said blood is a source of life and healing, when the sick were being bled.

As people believed Atlas held the world upon his shoulders.
God had already proclaimed to Job the earth hung upon nothing.

God told Isaiah how our waters been cycling
for how ever many years.
and now ecologists are shouting
recycle to waylay our fears.

As they search the universe for extraterrestrieal life,
I open Gods book to Ezekiel
and wonder what's all the strife?
Yes, there's a good chance there are beings out there,
but do we care to find them?

Today as knowledge increases
we are told to enlighten our minds
But what will people think when the Bride they cannot find?

They say there's water in outer space
no kidding in the Bible it's all over the place!

We watch the current events on CNN
our attention drawn to the middle East
and then we wonder why these people can't find peace?
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem that your cup may overflow
Israels been chosen Gods elect tell the world it's so.

They say there's a new world coming but which world do they speak of?
The one we are building from Babel
or the one filled with love?

We see the mark arriving with which we will buy and sell
state you haven't a credit card and they laugh, a laugh from hell

The world awaits the rise of Antichrist to get us out of this mess
But in the end every knee will bow and every tongue will confess
that we are but dust nothing more or less
yet we are not beast but go upward.
Better this then to be left behind to face the prince of this world.
When we see Christ face to face all mysteries will be unfurled.

We understand the future as we gaze into the past
Knowing now we understand the Word stands fast.

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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