Ode to Grandpa

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Ode to Grandpa

    I'll always remember the big yellow house
        where Grandma and Grandpa lived
    With it's many room and stairs and
        wide front porch
    I'll always remember the room where
        I stayed
    With the May pipes covered with
        pretty paper and tiny umbrellas
    I recall so clearly the purple room
        winding stair and the man
            who lived there

    The sidewalks we rode our tricycles on
    I remember the hedge along the side
        where we used to hide, some big
            fish lived there in a pool
    How on warm summer nights we'd have
        ice cream sodas at the bar
    I remember the glasses that we used

    I remember the playroom with the
        big stair were we put on shows
    Big Debbie Doll, with her blue dress
        and dark hair

    I recall a big cowboy chair

    I can almost see the design and can
        feel the arms made of wood
    I also remember a certain scent
        I associate with Grandpa
    Of when he'd come home from work and
        give me the biggest hug and kiss
    And how he smelled after he'd been
        home awhile and we'd sit
    perhaps in the cowboy chair
        how comfortable his lap always was.
    Not so big you got lost in it or hard
        and bony... just right
    And as the years go by

    I'll always remember
    the way
    he'd say
    "How's Grandpa's girl today?"

    (to Grandpa Hankins)

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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