Jesus is my Boss

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God Loves You

Jesus is my Boss

    Each day I enter work with a smile
    I greet each person, as I walk down the isle.
    Many times I catch the scent of freshly baked bread,
    Which brings me back in time, to when I would wake in bed,
    My Mothers morning baking filling my head.

    As I hang my coat, then wash my hands,
    I contemplate the day before me neatly planed.
    The tables I wash then I do confess
    sometimes look such a mess!!!
    Rembrant never smattered such a masterpiece of art,
    syrup every where except on the cart.

    Though the dishes may seem piled to the sky,
    I am undaunted, as I don an apron in an attempt to keep dry.
    Each dish represents a child who was fed,
    Who woke just as I did and wandered from their bed.
    A child which did not go hungry but had breakfast instead.

    Soon a hustle bustle begins about the place,
    deliveries begin, and fixing lunch picks up the pace.
    It takes a team to feed four hundred, sometimes more,
    But when things get overwhelming, it's the challenge I adore.

    Lunch prepared, awaiting the patter of little feet,
    We take a quick break, and have a bite to eat,
    Each day we talk about something new,
    What on the weekend, did you do?
    As we gain a pound or two :)

    Lunch usually ends abruptly
    the sound of childrens voices coming down the hall,
    We scurry to our places, as we see the little faces,
    Some days you just want to hug each and every one,
    For here is someones daughter, and there is someones son.

    After that is what I call, ordered disconfusion,
    Anything can happen in the hour to come,
    from a child saying "hey lady, great lunch"
    to trays drenched in upchuck.
    Sometimes they drop quite nicely into the rack,
    Sometimes you pry them apart when they are totally stuck.

    The place takes on a quite as time goes on,
    You glance about and wonder where have the children gone,
    Off to collage, or a new school, Married now, a new career.
    Each one is special, each one dear,
    so brave to enter a world so big,
    where those little feet travel we may never know.
    But I pray for each one as on their journey they go.

    With the dishes all washed and put away,
    We say good bye to another day of work well done.
    At home sometimes after my shower my body feels overwhelmed
    I can feel every muscle, every joint cries out.

    So then I find my computer and work on things like this,
    And remind myself that what I do, I do for Him,
    For each person I see each day, is especially His,
    because of this I love each one the very best I can,
    For Him I would do anything with the greatest joy.
    Because my Jesus loves, each little girl and boy.

    Oh sure there's days that I mess up, I am only human,
    But that is why he separated, night from day.
    And says to me each morning, pick up your cross and follow me,
    because the load is heavy but my burden is easy to bear.

    I am just a servent upon this earthly sphere.
    Sometimes people ask me why do you work there?
    The answer to me is obvious, because He put me here.

    I don't look at my wage as net gain or loss,
    because with Jesus as my Boss,
    my reward lies at the foot of the cross.

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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