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If you could ask God a question what would it be?
Would it be a question about eternity?
Or would you think of material things, and ask about that instead.
Perhaps about where to live, or matters of daily bread.

Perchance it might be that if you pondered long,
you would ask about strength if you've heard He makes the weak strong.
Or perhaps about the first then becoming last,
And then again it might just be something about the past.

I have pondered many questions, my favorite one was why,
my poor Mother would tell me 'someday you'll know by and by'.
But one day I asked God a question, as I knelt beside my bed,
and to my surprisingly wonder, to my Bible my eyes were led.

I pulled His letter to me, and in the first chapter I read,
how the place I live was created, need anything more be said?
Since then I have hidden much of His Words in my heart,
So when a question arises, I know right where to start.

So you see it is not afar off, the wisdom of God we can read,
and as we learn we realize, our questions He does not impede.
For He is the God of all knowledge, The King who knows all things,
and when we ask He shares this with us, His wondrous created beings.