Hear The Heathen Cry

(Tune "Sound the Battle CRY")

        Hear the heathen cry "lost in sin am I
        Ready now to die without God"
        Hasten, don't delay,
        Go while still 'tis day
        With the message of our Glorious Lord!

      Hasten, hasten,
      time is swiftly passing
      Souls are going
      Out in death's dark night
      Don't sit idle
      Heed the Great Commission
      It is up to you to speed the Light.

      2. See them as they go lost in sin and woe

        Searching this we know for the light.
        Bowing down to stone
        Idols that they own
        Blind and needing to receive their sight.
      3. You who sit at ease, hear their wailing pleas
        Fall now on your knees before God.
        Give Him now your all.
        Follow then His call
        Pray and give or go as He shall lead.

      Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers